Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Honoring Women on This Feast of the Assumption of Mary

Never have I experienced so many widely smiling women as I did at the vigil Mass of the Assumption of Mary that Catholics observe Aug. 15th each year.

As hundreds processed to receive the Eucharist at Mass (the consecrated bread wafer that becomes the Body and Blood of Christ), woman after woman, among others, smiled brightly.

What a delightful encounter.  Smiling, happy hearts!
They were so glad to be affirmed, I imagine.

Great women.

All of them.

From crowds of women, including Sister Anne Mamienski, IHM, Jo Dare of Focus:HOPE to all of the Catholic religious, and Care of the Soul and Companions who attended with the interfaith community, including Rabbi Mordehai Waldman, Rev. David Kasbow, Mohamed Abbass, and others. These tireless sisters, as we normally call them, they are leaders who founded social service outlets, orphanages, hospitals, schools, and more.

"Ave Maria's" lyrics and melody that Bob Gillenkirk sang was magnificient, participants said, as they shared conversation and food after in the lower level of the historic Roseville, Michigan edifice with the interfaith community also present.

Jewish, Christian and Islamic leaders experienced what Catholics believe and harvest in Jesus' mission they follow.

Contemplation and community were among the "tools" Servite Sister Charlotte Huetteman expressed in her reflections on the Gospel of Luke, and Mary's journey to Elizabeth.

Barbara Robinson of Saint Michael Church in Sterling Heights, MI., was the enthusiastic minister of music at Mass.

The ever energetic Marge Hallman provided hospitality with Kathy, among others.

Honoring women.

The wombs who carried us.

The tabernacles like that of Mary carrying Jesus.



  1. It was so good to be there, Rev. Ventline!

  2. Ave Maria, the Latin hymn on Mary, the hymns, and Catholics have it all. At times, the leaders fail to package this beauty well.
    This was liturgy alive and enthusiastic with voices swelling in song. A friend is invited me and am I glad I showed up! Your hospitality was
    awesome as were the preachers.
    Good for you Catholics!

    Jody D. of Novi, MI.

  3. Nice to hear a woman's reflections on the bible.
    Thanks for the invitation Father Ventline.
    Rev. Theodore Wendell
    Mt. Clemens

  4. As a Muslim, this was the first Catholic Mass I had ever attended. What an honorable, majestic evening it was! As I mentioned at the event, the Holy Qur'an states:

    "Behold! The angels said, 'Oh Mary! God has chosen you and purified you, chosen you above the women of all nations. Oh Mary! Worship your Lord devoutly. Prostrate yourself, and bow (in prayer) with those who bow." (3:42-43).

    This event served as an exemplary model for people of various faiths to extend their hands in brotherhood based on our commonalities, rather than our differences. This reinforces our ability now more than ever, to work together to tackle the problems that plague our communities.

    Mohamed Abbass
    American Islamic Community Center
    Madison Heights, MI