Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pausing, Pondering Primary Election Day Dedicated to US Congressman Hansen Clarke

To serve, O God, help me!

Help me to be a vessel "living the truth in love," O Creator,
as noted in St. Paul's letter to the Ephesians, chapter 4:15.

Your truth, not my version of it.  And, in love, your love rather than my take on its meaning.

To stoop low, to lift up life, inspire me.

While others may choose to sit, nudge me to stand
up to speak up for the most vulnerable needy now.

Raise me to rise with joy to shine off of the face of
others calling upon me.

And, as I call upon you  this primary election day in
Michigan, assist voters to choose well and wisely.

As the spiritually-based and distinguished
US Congressman Hansen Clarke says, so I echo:

"I pray that I do God's will and what God wants for me."

That work is in the trenches where people are hurting in this depressed
economy, or with lifestyles they can no longer afford and think
they can.

Keep me there. 

In the trenches serving well and wonderfully in your name, O Maker!

Lift up leaders who love justice, fortitude, temperance and prudence,
along with the other virtues, or interior strenths of faith, hope and

May the mission, God, of all elected be of your mind, Maker, to
live justly, walk humbly and love tenderly today and all the days of
their service to citizens, with power to the people.  Your power, God!

Your saving grace, favor and blessing on all!
Help the elected to pause and ponder often not simply when they want to

Lift all authority, and, the respect Americans are called to have for all

May all have the courtliness and courtesy of the Twelfth Century Saint Francis who said to preach with our lives and use words only when necesssary. 

Wow!  Less words, more truth, action, witness of your love, God, for all!

I ask all of this for our help is in the name of the Lord, who made
heaven and earth!

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