Saturday, August 25, 2012

Impressive and Active Outreach and Fraternal Organization

They're impressive.

And, they reach out, and, have been since 1882 when a pastor founded the fraternal society that helps a lot of people all over America, from Royal Oak to Cheboygan, Michigan, and beyond.

In fact, just the other day at least a half dozen of these men were hovering over a roasted turkey that needed carving for a benefit that Wednesday evening last week for enhancing the local school's internet program.

Cheers to them!

I thought that these guys cook and clean more than the gals did in the "old days." My mother and sisters seemed to do all the work of cooking and cleaning while I was growing up on Detroit's east side.

Sure hope the local bishop there applauds these guys for the distinguishing charity and fruit of their labor.

Not only did I witness their cooking, another group was busy mopping and waxing the floor of their hall for an upcoming wedding today, beyond that benefit I enjoyed with a full turkey dinner and ice cream also.

For the dinner they simply requested a free-will donation. 

They claim that people always give more this way than tagging a designated price for it.

Thanks to the awesome Cheboygan Knights of Columbus on M-27. For more information, or, to become a member, contact, or write me at, or (586) 777 9116.

Fruitful Christian outreach that goes unnoticed often, not that they want to be recognized.  But, affirmation goes a long way especially in the Catholic community, praise God!

Honoring the K of C some day soon with a supper like the events honoring women mushrooming across this Nation these days as the start of Vatican II fifty years ago this October is celebrated is worth setting up and scheduling for this Fall.

Anyone want to help me please?

You go guys!  Way to go again and again tirelessly doing the revered  spiritual and corporal works of mercy that Jesus spoke about as recorded in Matthew's Gospel, chapter 25 - lone marks we'll be judged by one day by the Maker, I'm told often.

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