Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Women and Catholic Nuns to be Honored August 14th in Roseville, MI., Sacred Heart Church

Women will be honored along with Catholic nuns Tuesday, August 14 at 5:45 pm Mass in Roseville Sacred Heart Church at 18430 Utica Road at Gratiot.

Appreciation for these very distinguished and pioneering women is important.  Jo Dare of Focus:HOPE, an honorary chair of the event steered by the Rev. Lawrence Jackson and Rev. Richard Welsh, among others, including Marge Hallman heading the reception following downstairs, with Barbara Robinson at the keyboard, and Bob Gillenkirk singing "Ave Maria," are among highlights of the event that Servite Sister Charlotte Huetteman will  reflect on the Scriptures of the vigil of the feast of the Assumption of Mary.

We enter this moment at Mass honoring women "living the truth in love," to quote St. Paul's Letter to the Church at Ephesus, Chapter 4, 15.

Sisters of St. Jospeh of the Third Order of St. Francis taught me at Saint Thomas School on Detroit's east side from the first through the twelfth grade.

Nuns founded schools, hospitals, orphanages, and more.

They are among the finest women in the world.


Smart, imaginative, in the messy trenches of life's trek, nuns are there for us daily.

They deserve our support.

The backbone of the Catholic community, they stoop low to lift life high.

We all could learn from their service. And, their imagination along with their bright beings and love of God and society.

Those also who don't lift a hand to help heal the unhealed wound of the world, and, this local metropolitan Detroit area.

Honoring women.

That's worth participating in August 14th.

Sister says:  "Be there!"

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