Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pause and Prayer

Creator and Maker of All:

Our  help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth!

For sure, O Maker.

I need your help.

When so much fracture and division abounds as this culture finds its path anew, I implore you to assist us.

Don't enable us, however.

We need to shape up or ship out, as they say.  Don't know where, however.

All the guns blowing away people daily got to go.

And, you tell us to not kill.  And, who do we think we are to outguess you and shoot anyone?

Efforts to ignite the conversation on limits on automatic weapons failed, as you know.

No one seems to want to talk while an election year clogs this culture and wastes so much cash.

In and outside the womb, people are angry it seems and acting out.

Confict stirs almost everywhere it seems as people fight.

How do you manage this world, I wonder O God?  How?

I think of praying for you yet know that you are the Creator who needs not our prayer.

Rather, you need our faithfulness to your way, truth and life, no?

You need good fruits to flow from each of us from the youngest to the eldest.

What a wonderful world that Louis Armstrong sings still awakens me each day after my psalms are
reviewed and explored as all your feelings unfold for me.

It is a wonderful world.

Yet, we need you now, more than ever perhaps.

The urgency of the hour requires us to surrender to you now.

Help me, others to bow in faithful surrender to You.

Will you help me ask your Mother, Mary, to help.  When the young married couple ran out of wine Mary told the stewards to do whatever Jesus told them.

Maybe we could start doing whatever Jesus tell us.


So be it.

Our help is in th ename of the Lord.

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