Monday, August 13, 2012

Gunfight: Bearing Arms Battle

Guns were regulated, contrary to how some interpret the "right to bear arms" and limit automatic, assault weapons of mass destruction.

Laws banning carrying concealed weapons passed in 1813 in Kentucky and Louisiana, for example.

Indiana followed suit in 1820 while Virginia and Tennessee did in 1838.

Alabama followed in 1839.

Ohio got in line in 1859 also following leaders of limiting guns suffocating the soul of America.

"The mission of the concealed deadly weapon is murder," noted the Texas Governor in 1893.

Getting up beyond sitting, and, standing up in solidarity to ban assault weapons and limit such weapons of mass destruction waiting to happen again soon in the next massacre in the U.S.A. is to be a patriot. To be an American wo studies history of limiting guns.

Those fighting reasonable and intelligent crafting of legislation to limit guns are hardly American.

Our story proves them wrong.

Honest study beyond superficial citizens and legislators, for that matter,  loading their aresenals is the call to order now.

Contact me at 586 777 9116, or, Macomb County Sheriff Wickersham, in Michigan, among thirty other citizens, including clergy, and my state representative Anthony Forlini, and, senator, Jack Brandenburg, Oakland County, MI.,  Sheriff Bouchard, and, Rabbi Dorit Edut, among others to re-ignite the conversation and to craft legislation now to limit gun arsenals.

I know we can't control those who may be "crazy," but we can speak up and stop the insanity related to guns.

That's before the next horror please!

Are you in?

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