Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Covenant and Agreement to Be Free - A Lenten Day

Connecting with the Creator and the community is a covenant, an agreement, or, a promise to pray.

I love it!

Spending time in quiet reflection affords me a more expansive heart.

A huger heart, in fact!  HUGE!

It's like hospitality.  No, it is HOSPITALITY!  Like a hospital in many ways where I let others, and God in particular, serve, assist and help me heal and recover, even mend and morph some.

That's what the 'reign of God' is all about, isn't it?

Letting God's kingdom of mercy, justice, peace, joy and charity pervade in a world that seems to want only might and power, war and conflict.

Like letting God find me when I pause to be still each day for a substantial chunk of time God has graced me with this fresh sunlit time.

Like the Hound of Heaven.  God is everywhere: Within, around, outside and inside others also.

The famous blue Baltimore Catechism asked that question:  Where is God?

I believe God is in all things, all of creation, and, that we creatures are right there with the Maker as One world, one globe, one connected circle, pancake, if you like.

When pausing to let God penetrate my being I appear so at peace, at tranquility, at one-ment with the Creator, and in turn, with others.

A bigger heart is what God seems to soak me and saturate me into with room for everyone.

Beyond a members only warning.  More than a club. 

After all, Church is more than an association or block club.

It is the living Body of Christ for believers.

And, hospitality is huge.

It is providing a space - even an expanded area - for God to be in order that I may be.

Be. And, be better beyond being bitter over some of life's happenings, desolate moments, and all the roller-coaster-like encounters that spirituality is all about.

A covenant.

Today's class in acceptance at Big Jack's Bar-B-Q Grille in Roseville, MI., will address hospitality as a covenant, an agreement between God and me to be a space for the Ground of All Being, namely, God.

I am so grateful!

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