Friday, March 15, 2013

Free Spirit

Pope Francis is a free spirit.

He's his own, God's own man. 

Just watching him these days shows a man who is courageous.

And, a servant leader who is humble, and, close to the earth.
Of course, he came from humble beginnings.

He's far from a company man, and, therefore, causing Curia (staff) concern at the Vatican.

Pope Francis never worked at the Vatican.

He likes to ride the bus, not in the limousine.

He reaches out to people, and, goes to them. 

The days are over when parishioners, among others, will go to pastors the way they did decades ago.

A commuity and parish is built with a leader who is beyond being a company man or a pleaser of the bishop and what he wants.

A free sprit.

That works well, perhaps best.

Praise God for Pope Francis.

The Church has enough company men.

It needs the free, approachable Holy Father he is for all the world.

So simple.

So sure of himself.

Seemingly grounded in God.



He asked the people for their blessing the day he was introduced to the world.

What love.

A Vatican II pastor, a shepherd, certainly.

God bless you, Francis!

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