Friday, March 1, 2013

Leaving - Exodus and a Last Good-Bye

The inexorable trajectory of the helicopter in front of the background of a majestic and exhausted city, the hyptonic hum of the blades of the bird carrying the Pope Emeritus to the summer papal residence, accompanied by the bells of Rome, all tolled the fresh vacant seat of the papacy.

I noticed a tear from a pilgrim there.  Sadness spilled over from the raidant faces of the flock.
A Shepherd says farewell.

Grief grows.

And, in Detroit's Most Blessed Sacrament at about the same time of the pope's departure and exodus from his Office, hundreds prayed in silence, and, with vigor, sung:

"Great Shepherd of your people, hear,
Your presence now display;
As you have giv'n a place for pryaer, so give us hearts to pray.

Within these walls let holy peace and love and concord dwell;
Here give the troubled conscience ease, the wounded spirit heal."

A wounded healer takes exodus like those in the wilderness seeking the Promised Land from Egypt.

Now, more serene that viewed for a long time, Jospeh Ratzinger, Pope Emeritus, goes off into the air for his final phase of life.

Life is like that desolation and consolation.

It is.

At the other end of a pew where I sat, a woman dropped.

Alarm swept the assembly.

The presiding prelate repeated the request for medical assistance.

As the anemic parishioner laid on the bench of the pew, she was anointed.

EMS was called.

An irregular hearbeat was discovered also.

A litany of prayers were sung in Latin.

Sancta Maria/Holy Mary,
Tu illam adjuva/Grant her peace.

One huge heart ached in more ways than one.

Healing is prayed for this holy hour.

Holy Communion with the living Body of Christ.

Food for the soul, mind and body was proclaimed in Acts 20:17-18, 28-32, 36 and Psalm 16, followed by John 21:15-19, Jesus asking Peter three times to feed, love, serve: 


Do I?

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