Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sealed Tomb Recalling Rising of Jesus

South on Gratiot Avenue in Detroit, my aim was to make a pilgrimage to area churches, mosques and synagogues on Good Friday, the Christian observance that recalls the torture of Jesus, and his crucifixion, a horror we need to speak up against before inflicted upon any human being, let alone other creatures of the earth.

Baptist, Lutheran, Pentecostal, Catholic, Episcopal, and more edifices line the major thorough way.

Many were closed, however.

Others, like Assumption Grotto Catholic Church at McNichols had a parking lot full of cars this sunny afternoon when Spring broke forth wonderfully, it seems.

The sun felt so good.

It did on this day we shall never forget.

The final church on my pilgrimage was the Historic Trinity near downtown Detroit.

After animated preaching and praise, we assembled in front of the church to seal and shutter it for Saturday.  A unique idea, I thought.

Now, we await Easter's rising of Jesus.

This revered custom at the city church is appreciated.  It becomes the tomb of Jesus where he lay until the breaking forth, rising of new life.

What wondrous celebrations of 50 days of the Easter season.

Fully, actively and consciously festive until Pentecost.

When efforts are made to remove the word Easter and replace it with Spring, instead, Christians may want to rise up this Easter to be pro-active in spreading the Good News amid naysayers who want Christ out of the culture, let alone any semblance of God and God's reign.

Like torture, and all the horrific ways people are executed, we must rise up for life.

That is, to support life in and outside the womb!

And, the tomb.

A blessed Easter to you!

Let the Alleluia hymns resound with gusto, and may your heart swell with the call to live,  TO LIVE, DON'T DIE!


Christ has died, Christ is Risen,  and Christ will come again!

For sure.

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