Sunday, March 3, 2013



I know when I am thirsty.

There's yearning for water.

Earlier today, I asked for water at St. Mary's Queen of Creation Church (formerly St. Clement) in Center Line, Michigan.

Immediately, the minister of music fetched me a bottle of cold water.

How grateful for the prop for my preaching today based on the Gospel from Luke.

Do you want a drink?

That's how I began my homily.

Laugher followed.

A drink of water, I mean, I shouted back to the fiesty congregation.

Where are the ushers when you need them, I joked.

One parishioner spoke up:  I know all of them!

You'll know them better, I wanted to respond; but, I didn't.

Silence speaks volumes often.

Thirsting for God means happiness.

Steady and enduring happiness, it seems to me.

It also means communion with God.

Oneness. At One Ment.  Atonement.

After all, God is good all the time; all the time, God is good.

God isn't in our good/bad dichotomy. That split we we make in life: win/lose, in/out.

And, if God is everywhere; God is good always.

Even though I may think God is bad if I don't have the winning lottery ticket, or, when I get sick.

I thirst for the mercy and kindness of the Maker.

I do.

There is joy in communion with the Creator.

Being one with God matches no other experience.


Thirsting to be one always.

Joy is savored in this thirst to be One.

Then, I follow his way, truth and life.

And, happiness flows like a river.

That I relish.

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