Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lent Ends With Mass of the Lord's Supper, Triduum's Highest Holy Days Start for Christians

Engaging in the life of the community of the beloved disciples these high holy days is central to Christians.
If any days depict inhumanity of man and woman it is this week's holy week trek of Jesus.

There's betrayal, denial, ridicule, rejection, and more.

It all boils within me as I witness the life of the Risen One who suffered, died and overcame the world.

For us.

For you.

For me.

For all as a shining example of what love does.

How people want to kill Love.

It reflects too brightly on how I need to live each day. 

Life's dark hates Light and love.

Another way is possible.  Violence is not the way.  Jesus showed the Way, Life and Truth these days.

Charged with inciting a riot, blasphemy, and rebellion, Jesus was far from these condemnations in the dark of night.

Jesus may have disturbed the conscience of the leaders who led him to the slaughter.  Like the Lamb he was and is for us today.

We need disturbers of our ways to set us on a path of morphing and more.

Good Friday.

So good.

How will I make it better before Easter's 50 day season?


Enter and engage with Mass this evening, the stations of the Cross tomorrow, the Easter Vigil and Sunday with the season of hope that follow.

Enter fully.

And, feel all the feelings Jesus felt.

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