Friday, March 8, 2013

Virtues and Projects Such as Painting A Home Take Time

It has been over five years since I moved into a freshly-painted home.

Everything about the space I dwell in is a blessing, and more.  Loving where one lives adds to wellness.

It is.


A pastoral setting where I reside allows walks near the spillway on Jeffersons and Ballard in Harrison Township, MI.

And, the cozy end unit of the condominium takes up about 1,200 square feet of space to move about in daily.

Woof, my three-year-old white  Bichon Frise wants to live here for the duration.

He thinks he allows me to live with him.  Go figure.

Good company, he's always ready for a walk in the park nearby, and, then some.

A recently-add walkway along Jefferson reminds me of the yellow brick road with its pavers and wide walking space along the road where cars move fast.

Deciding to paint the condo was a well thought out goal.

Chunk it, I said.

One room at a time.

That's the way to get it done without any overwhelming feelings setting in this heart and soul.

Baked bread colored paint is lighter than I thought, yet, it brightens an already illumined home.

Ever so slowly, one stroke of the brush, and, one roll of the paint roller at a time.

No spills allowed.


Preparing the space for painting took the most time.

Everyone agrees.

Just like writing an outline for a paper.

Getting that completed enables a smooth and steady ride.

Like having virtues under one's belt, and, in one's heart and soul.

After the daily Mass Thursday, a dozen people explored with me these strengths of faith, hope and love, along with prudence, fortitude, temperance, and justice.

One's equipped with the capacity for the holy life with these virtues.

Just as with painting, they apply slowly, carefully, as one grows into them.  Just like painting
involves time and a steady hand to do the trim work.

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