Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day Eight

Moses and Elijah, the spokesmen for the law and the prophets appear to Jesus to speak about his departure, his "exodos."

That's similar to the wandering Israelites, their own suffering in the desert, and Jesus' own before entering the Promised Land.

Crucifixion is entailed here.

It's required for the resurrection, the crown, heavenward bound for you and for me also!

Like in life's trek.

The ups and downs.

For sure.

Exodus includes leaving behind what is appreciated, loved, honored, revered and good, to forge forth for the better.

Wanting to stay on the mountaintop's feel good encounter motivates one to get down in the trenches to hear, to heal the suffering, the grief, the loss living one's experience daily.

An exodus requires suffering for Jesus, for you, for me.

Embrace it.

Accept it.

Like St. Sylvester Church in Warren, MI., and, so many other edifices and communities closing soon.

Aches and pains poke deep.

Watching youngsters grow up, move out and move on, marry and more, is an uneasy time for parents.

A spouse dying in the other's arms. . .

Michael's 55 year-marriage ended in death over four weeks when his wife has aches in your stomach, a dead bowel, and, colitis.


Heartaches by the number.

Jesus hangs between two criminals at Calvary Good Friday.  Peter wants three tents with Jesus between Moses and Elijah.

Luke 23:33, one on Jesus' left and one on his right, is the prize and the pain that penetrates us also.

Exodus, departures, passion, dying and rising.

Total transfiguration is like that.

There's no easy way out or up or into the resurrection.  His, yours, and mine.

Going through it.  Exiting losses, a first love, children, deaths, divorces, aging. . .

That gets us there. Got to go therough the exit door, if you will.

The only way sisters, and brothers!

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