Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day Two

It is a trek.


Breaking habits take time.

Getting into the pillars of Lent have me morphing.

But, slowly, it seems.

So, I accept that.



Alms giving.

Three foundations of movement from the false to the true self that Trappist Thomas
Merton speaks about often in his writings and retreats.

Meatless Fridays afford one more meal with fish.

A visit to the Amish market had me looking at all their cheeses.

Next door, the fish market got my attention aimed at the perch.

Worked on my taxes for 2012 today.

That's a fine lenten practice also.

It shows where my heart is with how charity is kept in mind to assist others.

A calm, centered self emerged, it seemed to me, at least, this first Friday of Lent.

Although, chicken soup was being prepared for Friday at an area church. 

That bothered me if meatless Fridays of Lent are the rule.

And, on Ash Wednesday, a group wanted me to join them after Mass in Westland, MI.

Already planned to visit Marywood Assisted Living in Livonia, MI.

Substantial prayer and reflection time with some reading from Rohr's Immortal Diamond kept me on track. His book is another gem of spirituality.  Of mending, moving, morphing from false to a true self.

No easy task, however.

Habits fall fiercely.

And, Skipping Easter, my latest tome, arrived for Saturday's booksigning.

Writing it kept me focused on the importance of this penitential season.

It did.

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