Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Grudges, Gifts and Growth

The mender, morphing growth group Monday in Roseville, Michigan's Big Jack's Bar-B-Q named grudges they grip tight.

Paul said he doesn't have grudges, while Marge, Larry and Sandra named specfic grudges that have hurt relationships.

Grip too tightly those there grudges, one participant said.

It's like drinking poison intended for another, another attendee reported.

Grudges are those bad encounters with family, friends and acquaintances, someone in the 5:30 group said.

Grudges are unlike gifts given freely.

In fact, grudges may prevent one from sharing his or her acquired gifts learned over time.

One holds tightly those grudges.

Harm festers in and outside one's body, being, and soul.

One even tightens up, and, looks like it to others.

Unlike gifts given freely to be shared without a price tag, grudges always had me protecting and preserving my talents, one member of the group shouted.

Disappointed, I tend to isolate and keep my talents to myself, voiced another.

No giving.

No forgiving.

No growth.

Stuck in a grudge.

Got to bury 'em, someone said with passion.

Just let go.

Grudges got to go.

They just hold me down.

I give again then, fully,  another participant concluded as the group left the burial service.

They all walked out of Big Jack's more briskly with confidence, and some with smiles.

Like rising up anew.

Burials of grudges are like that.

One feels lighter after unloading.

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