Sunday, February 3, 2013

Left, Right, Liberal, Conservative


They tend to please no one.

The left doesn't like prophets.  Nor, do the people on the right.

Since prophets tell the truth, that is, God's truth, not their own version of truth, they hardly fit into categories we pigeon-hole people into these days whether in Washington, D.C., or any corporation, business, even church.

Prophets keep the church honest and accountable.

And, God knows the church needs all the help she can get being truthful.

Church can be reduced to ideas and categories with the rest of the culture unless her mission is aimed for always.

Transformation of self and others is key.  Holiness comes with truth.  God's truth.

Prophets stand in for God.

Believers, then, are to stand up for truth, not left or right, who is right and who is wrong, who is in and who is out!

Read history and look at the prophetic voices.

They tend to be killed by people who hate them and their message.

How we could use truth and tellers of it these days.

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