Monday, February 25, 2013

Day Nine

Tracking Lent with this diary is helpful, at least for me.

Writing keeps me accountable and at it regularly.

After Mass Sunday at Harsen's Island, a parishioner asked me why the nuns aren't up there at the altar?

Increasingly, questions like that are asked.

Because they're considered to be non-clergy.

That's the technical answer.

Yet, she persisted, and, asked why not?

Her husband intervened while her son waited and listened patiently.

Yet, she needed to ask more, it seemed.

So, pastors listen long.  And, keep quiet giving an ear or two often at the back of the church after Mass.

I continued to sing the praises of nuns who founded orphanages, schools, and hospitals, among other very helpful services to people to this day.

They are well read and educated.

She wondered.

I bet others wonder also.

As I drove home after Mass, a heavy heart came over me.

I began to recallthe note in the Bible's, Proverbs,  that reminds us to guard our hearts.

As I took solace in those wise words, I was mindful of so many issues today that confront us as a Church.

Without trying to sweep away solutions, I stayed with the questions, and kept imagining ways out of our personnel problems, shortages of clergy, supposed debts, and lack of young parishioners, and more.

Talking has been helpful in the past with Councils and church meetings.

Vehicles to resolve issues worked in the past.

But, those similar systems seem to resist working out today's epidemic of concerns confronting us today.

An overwheliming amount of issues need conversing about by the entire family.

Like at home.

With all at the table, children included. Or, at least, those who can or want to participate.

Today, there seems to be a need to talk with a limited few regarding the issues that affect the entire church family. 

I wonder about that also.

Sure, family gets messy. Of course, collegiality is harder with larger numbers of people engaged.

But, that's the lone way that assures investment by most.

More concerns are raised.

But, in the end, it seems that investment of our greatest resources, coupled with prayer and fasting this Lent, work best.

God help us!

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