Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day Six

A moving tale by a young man had me pondering mortality this Lenten day.

He was only 15 when his dad died.

He said that he was told that he can't do anything about the past, but, he could influence the future.

That's good news.


In fact.

Evergreen hope.

Like the Easter I can't wait to get to.

To witness.

To watch fully and celebrate 50 days beyond these 40 of Lent.

Hope is always worth merit.

It is.

It's always green, fresh, renewing.

Like the aroma of baking bread.

Whole grain.


Pure Michigan, as they say.



Rabbi  Dorit Edut told about a bread event coming soon at ETS in Detroit.

Bread has a way of gathering folks.

Once a week eating alone is all I allow myself (and Woof, my 4-legged Bichon Frise).

All the other days of the week I embark to eat with others.

For example, amid the schedule that can take time to arrange,
clergy meet next Tuesday at Pita Cafe in Oak Park, MI., on Greenfield, gratefully et up by Mohamed Abbass, co-chair of the All Faiths Festival.

Rabbis, imams, pastors, and more, will break bread.

Always a good things.

We'll bond some amid bread, and other food and friendship.

Praise the Maker and Mohamed for setting it up for us.

Bread is too good to pass up.

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