Friday, February 8, 2013

THE WILL TO SPEAK UP: Royal Kabob in Hamtramck, MI., Is Site of Feb. 11th, 3:45 pm Meeting, 3236 Canifff

While clergy leaders, among others, deepen inter and intra-faith  rapport, Monday, Feb. 11, 2013 for an hour in the Royal Kabob in the diverse South Asian and Middle Easterner town of Hamtramck, MI.,  the size of my own Harrison Township, where I reside, other global concerns mount.

Trafficked daily are women and girls.  Violence in other forms fuels the economy while human life is denigrated everywhere, it seems, and, at  every level of life.

Voices are needed to speak up in support of those persons violated.

Some will conclude that these are political issues.

They are moral issues that cause believers to speak up.

They challenge citizens, and faith people to write our representatives and sign petitions to support laws protecting human life in and outside the womb.

Clergy, among others, need to press with THE WILL to address these concerns without usual excuses.

Life merits launching an offensive now.

Solidarity works.

It always has.

Please help do something.

Be a collective clergy conscience for society today.

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