Monday, February 11, 2013

He's 85

Somehow, people seem to expect something to be noted here about the Pope's retirement today.

He's 85.

Most people today are retiring in the mid-50s.

A humble man, Benedict XVI, recognizes his frailty and limitations, although he is a contemplative, brilliant, lucid and remarkable human to this day, for his age, and, for heading a Church still rocking from scandal.

Like a family, the entire people need to gather a the table and talk.  Not a few.  All

Vatican III is in order.

That's more like the way a family works and manages issues.  Leaving out a member of the family would cause some hurt, I'm sure.

And, people know there's enough hurt by now.

Unhealed wounds suffered over years. 

I know.  You know.

Yet, people are surprised -- the media seemed shocked to create a story -- about his lightning speed and quiet announcement today since no pope since Gregory XV in 1415 resigned over 600 years ago.

Jospeh Ratzinger, Benedic'st birth and baptismal name, is assumed later this month when he officially steps down the first week of Lent, or later - a forty day penitential season for Christians entering into the mysteries and miseries of Jesus as his trek to Calvary where he is executed as a rebel, go figure!

Roman leaders, like all leaders, have problems with those who may seem to subvert the status quo.

In the greatest story ever told in the Bible, the love of Jesus turned the world upside down.

And, Jesus' speaking truth to power, was unmatched for the Emperors in charge.  Threatened, they felt it necessary to murder Jesus.

On Palm Sunday, days before his demise, he is hailed as King of the Jews. 

And, suddenly, nailed to a tree (cross).

Benedict entered those pains and pangs also.  He knows aches as anyone of us does.

Let him alone, soldiering on, is not his aim.

He has the common good in mind, the people of God.

Happy retirement good and faithful servant of God, and so many interfaithful across the globe.

Now, go find another story to dwell on until the next BIG ONE, will you?

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