Monday, February 4, 2013

Various Problems and Violent Toys


They exist in life, I know.

David knew also.  His story is told about his triumph over the Philistine with a sling and a stone; that is, without a sword in his hand he struck down the Philistine,  1 Sam. 17:50, notes in the Scriptures.

Young David seized the day and floored the giant compared to David's small stature.  And, he did it without any high tech weapons of mass destruction, or, guns, for that matter.

You also know, I'm sure.  Problems abound.


Life's ups and downs, desolations and consolations, are what life is about, isn't it?

Church closures is one problem.

Maybe, its only my heart that breaks as I watch edifices be sold, and as sad, close in neighborhoods where churches were the solid rock and foundation following Jesus' invitation to "follow me," far from what some assume what he didn't say:  "Worship me!"

In Now Huta, Poland, decades ago, when that country was under Communist rule, the Archbishop, Karol Wojtyla (later in 1978, he became Pope John Paul II), opened a church, in fact.  He wouldn't think of closing churches.

Here in Detroit, however, it seems that more imaginative ways would be engaged to attract neighbors to join Catholic churches nearby for worship.

Seems as though that proposal is met with a yawn.

I begin to wonder, even become sad about the epidemic of the  priest personnel problem here in Detroit, and across the globe.

In fact, next Saturday, February 9th at 1 pm in Sacred Heart Church in downtown Detroit, Sister Karen, a canon lawyer, will address the closure of churches and canon law.

You'd think that this priest personnel problem and shortage of clergy would have been resolved by now.

After all, this eternal issue has been around for decades that some claim Vatican II could have addressed when "fresh air" was welcomed by that historic Council that Pope John XXIII convened in 1962, and lasted for three years.

We have to accept these issues, and converse to address them while locked in solutions fail to work and sacraments and pastoral care limps.  Add to that pastors who get to cover three or more parishes as they round the edifices weekly for Sunday Mass.

What a way to run what was a vibrant, thriving Church held together well by pioneers, and pastors and nuns who raised up orphanages, hospitals, schools, and more, including the superb Catholic Youth Organization (CYO).

With God's help, openness, and more, together, people can resolve these problems related to church closures, guns and violence.

The imaginative David slayed Goliath, the giant.

Americans can solve the problems perplexing people today.

Yes we can.  But, will we?

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