Monday, September 10, 2012

9/11Shrine to Remember Fallen

A replica of the drink-serving cart used on United Flight 93 stands near the altar, alongside photographs of the 9/11/01 fallen.

Psalm 23 is the page of the Scriptures open to "The Lord is my Shepherd."

That's inside the Thunder on the Mountain Fight 93 Memorial Chapel in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, a former Lutheran chapel purchased for $18,000.

A modest site to remember.

The Reverend Alphonse Mascherino, then a Roman Catholic priest, opened it in southwestern Pennsylvania for people to visit, to pray, to mend and heal up from the horror that brought down thousands of humans with the twin towers in New York city, and, the plane in a field in Shanksville.

This is the 11th anniversary of 9/11.

This chapel sits near the Flight 93 National Memorial at the site of the crash miles away.  That $62 million memorial, according to newspaper reports, is managed by the National Park Service.

Hundreds of thousands of visitors go there in one year, reports indicate. Marble walls with forty names of passengers and crew are etched in letters of those who died after a fight with terrorists and the plane that dropped into a former coal mine.

We remember.

We get past this and move into the present  time.

We awaken to strive to be at peace with our neighors, families, other nations, and all people who inhabit this land.

We keep on talking and living today's breathing and make a difference.

We do.

We will.

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