Sunday, September 30, 2012

Poverty, Jobless, Baby in the Womb

Given that a large percentage of people are given U.S. benefits, bridge cards, and more,  how do I respond to poverty, to those without work, to mothers with a baby in the womb?

May I walk with them, assist them, support them beyond mandates, dictates, commands, and more?

Talk is cheap.

And, easy.

But walking with a woman with a full womb is another thing, no?

Now we're talking.

Will I walk with her, try to listen to her, help her?

Or, will I simply judge her, without any thought of the guy who impregnated her?

Will I condemn her, or will I give her money to assist her with the life in the womb?

How about all the poor in a world with plenty of bountiful food?

Do I help feed them?

Or, just call them names?

And, those without work?

Am I willing to help them find work, imagine a job, get a job, or, am I quick to label them?

Being a Christian is an active verb, a life on the move to serve, to lift up the lowliest, no?

Matthew's 25th Gospel invites me to take care of the least among us.

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