Thursday, September 13, 2012

Condemning Film, Violence in Egypt, Elsewhere

Here's condemning the film and the ensuing violence erupting in one's own self, in Egypt, Yemen, Lybia, and elsewhere after the release of a video supposedly supported by a California Coptic Christian.

Violence does little to bridge and build and bond global humans.

More of the same only gets the same results.

The All Faiths Festival (AFF) that aims to recognize all religions, to build bridges, and to help people in crisis, clearly condemns both the film and the video about Muslims.

We can all do better in relating with each other, and, producing videos that incite violence against any human being is not the answer to one's anger and disdain for others.

In solidarity, here's calling for all people of goodwill and faith to stand together to condemn this horror now.

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