Monday, September 10, 2012

Rackets in Metropolitan Detroit and the World

Did you know that persistent complaints or  real and imagined threats are called rackets?

I didn't until I went to Landmark Forum in Livonia, Michigan this weekend.

And, that's what over a hendred of us dealt with, and more.

This historic process produces radical and sustained change in the way that individuals relate to their own development.

What over 1,3000,000 participants reported in a Time Magazine report, coupled with the noted social scientist and public opinion analyst, Daniel Yankelovich, was:

Better relationships with family and parents;

More comfortable and at ease with others;

Greater confidence and self-esteem;

Less concerned with the approval of others;

Job more enjoyable and satisfying;

Better relationships with co-workers; and,

New ability to express thoughts and feelings.

I'll bet that I'm more motivated now also.  And, that new possibilities for myself, my family and my neighbors is inevitable now.

This rewarding experience is what is needed in our culture and times.

A book, entitled, "The Three Laws of Performance,"  by Steve Zaffron and Dave Logan tells Landmark's story.

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