Monday, September 3, 2012

World Is Like a Family Business That I Need to Care For

How true.

At least, to me.

The world is like a family business that needs each of us, including me, to care well for God's creation.

We are one with the world, spirituality teaches, while religion is more about divisions and doctrines that may separate the oneness we are called to be in the world.

Communion best describes the Catolic tradition.

Holy Communion.

Yet, adherants who are baptized and practicing Catholics, alone receive the Body and Blood of Christ when free from mortal sin.

Oneness is a quality of being. 

We are part of a bigger Story.  That is, God's unfolding story, and each one's oneness with the Maker.

Even though all is up to God ultimately, the prime Mover, each of us is called to do our part in this family business of one world, one globe.

A great oneness is what we seem to be called to as pilgrims.

Even amid religions that divide, spirituality invites this oneness of all created beings and creation.

To be about this, we need to step away from the self and "ego," to the whole, the common good, the One, and, All.

That is being.  Being beyond selves, divisions, and more.

Spirituality and science seem to be coming together on the Oneness we all are in this family business, if you will, to care for creation.

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