Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fear Knocked and Faith Answered the Door

When fears knock at the door and faith answers, usually, no one is there.

And, Mark Twain said much of that which frightens us is imaginary anyway.

How true.

At least for believers.

Fear can lock one into paralysis.

One refuses to act when in such fear.

When told early on in life that  I couldn't sing, I froze, and failed to open my mouth for any melody.

That "tape" lived with me for years until I faced it head on and won over that fear.

It took time, however, to undo, let go, and, sing out.

God is the giver of gifts and charisms.  Others may think they know better, yet, the Maker, having blessed each of us with abilities and talents, alone, can judge them to be "imperfect."

When I did begin to shout out in song, people commented with compliments.

To think that I withheld that gift for years due to another creature's evaluation that silenced me for decades when it came to music. How tragic.  How often it happens to humans.

It took faith to forge forth.

Faith is like that.

Fear flees fast from faith.

"Fear is useless; what's needed is trust,"  said Jesus in the Scriptures.

Fear will knock and faith will answer with no one there.


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