Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rainbow Fish

It's a story about giving and sharing for the common good.

Something that we forgot.

Thinking of others.  Working together.  Lifting the lowly and vulnerable.

Giving what we have to help the needy among us.

Rainbow Fish strutts about in the great blue ocean showing off his beauty, his color, his scales.

Yet, he is alienated, alone.

No one seems to like Rainbow Fish, a tale available at local libraries.

Yet, Rainbow Fish morphs.

He share all his scales.

With love, Rainbow Fish, is happy for giving.

Rainbow Fish was read at Mass Sunday at Saint Claud Chapel in Clinton Township, MI.

It responds well to the question of Jesus' apostles:  "Who is the greatest?"

Jesus uses a child as an example in the Gospel.

Long live the Rainbow Fish folks everywhere.

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