Saturday, September 15, 2012

Brisk Air, Fresh Run

Morning calls.

Awakening from the noise from the car and its driver delivering my Wall Street Journal, I decide to respond and go for a walk and a run with Woof, my Bichon Frise dog who turned three recently.

A nod of thanks for being alive commits to prayer at my usual time before breakfast. And, Mass.

Mist covers the cars as I jog looking over the new day's color of dark with light breaking into it quickly.

The grass is wet.

I wonder about saturating my gym shoes with water, mud, and more.

Not a problem.

But avoiding the fecal matter from yesterday's dump by the herd ofCanadian geese is another challenge this fresh Saturday. I know.  I saw them all in the trek then with Woof. Embattled!

Gingerly, I step around it all as Woof wants to nose around in it.   Ukkkk...

Another hurdle overcome.  No problem.  Easy.

The run is on.

We walk some.

Then, run some more.

I notice a newness about myself since I enrolled in Landmark Education for three full days and an evening, and, signed up for the next level in February of next year.

A boldness covers me, it seems.  Being is even different.  Doing life differently is welcomed.

Adventure and being all I can be mounts.  Enthusiasm enters more.

I notice more.

That's spirituality, I was taught:  Noticing.

Landmark instructor, the vibrant Scotsman Gary Bishop would say: "That's your view!"

Even the coaching in counseling is quick and on point, at least so thinks this coach with those coming for assistance yesterday afternoon in my Foam Factory office.

Greeted with "Where have you been; everyone's looking for you,!" it is good to know I was missed.

More surprises.

Something slipped under my door.  A gift from a neighboring office tenant.  Rent gets paid for the past couple months.  Relief pours over me.

And, in my mailbox is the anticipated reimbursement for professional expenses.  Cool.

From the morning jog to the office surprises to the mailbox anticipations, fresh unfolds these days.

I pledge another jog another time.

Another prayer.

Coupled with blessings bountiful.  And, Thanksgiving Day is months away.

Go figure.

It's morning.  And, more.

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