Friday, September 28, 2012

Solving Crisis of Souls Causing Disruption in World

By Rabbi Dorit Edut and Rev. Lawrence Ventline

Crime, anger, violence, and more, are issues of the soul.

These problems can only be solved within one's being and center where all evil and conflict starts.

Conversations at news conferences are insufficient in settling disputes and problems of one's soul.

It is dysfunctional to continue to do what has been done for decades.  Results to prove otherwise in stopping the outbursts and violence do not manifest with the same tried and tested approach.

"Love your neighbor as yourself," was quoted from Leviticus by Jesus in the Christian Bible.

When will parents, leaders, and clergy, in particular, create and imagine a plan for family today?
Families need more support than ever.

Assertive faith leaders are needed now to address this crisis of souls.

Who will stand?

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