Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Landmark, and More

Landmark ( sounds like a marathon moment for me September 7, 8 & 9th in Livonia, MI.

From 9 am until 10 pm each day I will be growing to be more open, to reach beyond what is, to overcome impediments to be all I can be, and confrontng patterns and routines that keep me stuck
in my "old" living.


That's what this seems to call me to be about daily anew.

Those impediments or breakdowns will become pathways for transformation.

This all seems so usual and urgent in the challenge of each new day.

What's working in my routine and ministry and what's not working will be faced.

Wanting more partnerships of common ground issue-solving is what I want each day with the interfaith community.

Wondering what legacy I will leave leaves an aroma of fresh air for me, and more.

Even while I think about this precious time, I ponder and pause the hours devoted to growth.  That fear, even anxiety, is what gets mowed down, I imagine at Landmark.

Thanks be to God for this.

Long days into the night.

For sure.

This longest journey is within, however.

And, with joy I eagerly enter this process and procession for profound change.

A marathon.

Like the run I'd take each day thirty years ago.

From the mile-long jog, freshnees unfolded, and more.

Bring on the marathon, and, Rabbi Dorit and Shomone Edut who inspired me to sign on next Tuesday when a kind of graduation ceremony is celebrated at the Mariott near Landmark.

Oh, happy day!

How could I not run this race?


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