Friday, September 14, 2012

Mourning, Mending

Much mending and mourning mounts these days with so much fracture at home, in our hearts, and abroad.

All of this need to grieve over the recent violence prompted within one's heart first where all evil starts came from the insulting video about Muslims.

It escalates now even with Pope Benedict heading to Lebanon as he walks a tight rope that will test his Christian resolve for peace and his skills as an ambassador of peace. 

In the Vatican where much of his life is spent, or, in classrooms, this "in the trenches" peace pilgrimage is somewhat new to him where ordinary lives are snuffed out for their beliefs.  He can do this.  He will help, however, in the name of Jesus the Christ, our Way, Truth and Life, for sure.

Giant billboards in Beirut announce his visit as fractured, alienated, and persecuted Chrsitans await his hope.

Benedict will ask for more pluralism and freedoms while he addresses the Syrian uprising calling for an end to violence.

Respect is what he will call for from the government.

The Arab Spring is far from what was hoped for from many.

Sectarian tensions between supporters and opponents of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad clash.  Christians are divided while most Sunnis in Lebanon oppose the regime while Shiites are behind Assad.

Here, locally, "Open "Mike" - Mending and More meets currently on Mondays through October at 7 pm in Roseville, Michigan Sacred Heart Church (lower level).  Losses are grieved, and more meet at the "mike" like young Jeff who wants to make his first holy communion in the sixth grade, a couple want their marriage validated in the Catholic community, and a spouse grieves the loss of her husband, Ed Stepowski, recently.

Much to mend.

Join me. 

Let the mending begin in one's heart where all evil starts and there within  begins the violent outbursts across the globe.

God help us!

Call if I can help at (586) 777 9116, or,

Have hope to heal and begin within.

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