Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fly Me to the Moon

When President John F. Kennedy said we we're going to the moon, he meant it.

That bold decision set us on a path, and, eventually on the moon when there was nothing at this mission's start to get the task rolling.

No technology, no route, no direction.

Yet, with Neil Armstrong's funeral this morning, a flood of feelings fill me.

That fierce action to get to the moon was limitless.

Nothing seemed impossible back when this mission was proposed by a young and bold president.

Imagination must have been part of this equation, no?

Clearly, a goal, an aim begins with one step.

Commitment to the action.

The United States of American did it!

Like climbing the rungs of a ladder to the top, dreams do happen.

Boldness prevails.

And, limitless possibilities await us.

Let the dreamers begin. . .

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