Saturday, September 29, 2012


Was away getting rooted recently.

Grounded, I mean.

Pausing and pondering occupied my heart and mind for a few days on retreat.

Getting clearer thoughts for realms of possibility in life that are opening up almost daily, it seems.

The long drive, the recreation, the rest, and the input from wise elders is welcome.

One can't give what he or she doesn't have.

And, inner work, the interior life, is the lone life worth living fully.

Primping on the outside has to match what's going on inside.

For sure.

Authenticity only comes for me when I'm self-caring and connecting in praying with the Creator as a human being.

I calm down.  Get still.  Shut down.  Remain awake, attentive, attuned, and more aware in stillness.

Doing only bothches things up.  What a mess!

Being decent demands pauses, hours, days of refreshment with the Maker. Daily chunks of prayer.

Otherwise, I am good for nothing, and, doing beyond being bolts me no end.

Silence is golden for this quiet time I relish often.

Is this savoring silence something that comes with age, maturity, or growing older gracefully?


Whatever mix it is, I relish it.

Rooted.  It's good.  It is grace, favor, blessing.

Thank God! 

I'm grateful to the One who alone manages the moments always.

Not me.

Pausing and going down deep into rooted grounding reminds me of my humanity and need for humility.

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