Monday, September 24, 2012

Celebrating "Fresh Air"

Fifty years ago this October, a worldwide conclave of ecumenical clergy, among others, gathered at the Vatican in Italy.

It was historic.

Even though it seems like it is "chugging" along only in certain circles, celebrating its content for the interfaith community especially is exciting.

Take Hans Kung, for example, who noted that foundations of faith must be explored, while the world gets to know different faiths for peace to dwell in this land.  The Tubingen professor was there.
He knows.

Only Archbishop Hunthausen is still among the living who were there through all sessions that finally ended in 1965. Detroit Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, a regular homily writer in the distinguished National Catholic Reporter was a student there when the Council began.  He has awesome stories to tell about it  as he studeid canon law near the Sistine Chapel where the so-called Council Fathers, among others, met from '62-65 over a period of months before they would return home and go back to Rome.

And, Cardinal John F. Dearden of Detroit, a distinguished leader, and, first president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, told me of his joy at the Council's conclusion.  Dearden wanted to throw his head gear in the air after the final Mass, "but, we were too stayed," he confessed to George Charnley, Gary Beuche and me when we went to Canada for dinner with him after he retired.

You may want to get in on a series that Ken Kaucheck ( is navigating now at Manressa Retreat Center in Bloomfield, MI.  That's off of Woodward at Quarton (16 Mile Road).

In fact, the universal call to holiness of all, coupled with baptism will be addressed October 1 by Pat Cooney Hathaway.

Other topics include reform, ministry, marriage and family, the faithful, mission of the church, the teaching body of the church, and, the college of bishops, Eucharist, and ecumenism.

Fifty years already since the start of this Council that was attended by Jewish leaders, among others.

What have we to show now of its application?

Rabbi Dorit Edut, among others, are hosting an interfaith panel, Sunday Oct. 14 at 3 pm in the Isaac Agree Synagogue at Griswold and Clifford in downtown Detroit, MI.  "The progress of women since Vatican II," is the topic.  Join me there after the 12:30 pm Focus:HOPE walk earlier the same day.

I wonder if the documents have been read by Catholics who seem to speak readily about Vatican II.

In fact, I wonder how many people at all read and study history today?

And, I'm curious if we're serious about implementing Vatican II right where we are at home, work, in the community, or, at worship.  Just as the Council suggested how we live out our daily faith walk.

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