Monday, September 17, 2012

A World of Weirdness At Times

All the violence and murder related to the viral video, "The Innocence of the Muslims."

Go figure.

Any excuse to thrust upon an opportunity to instigate trouble and to kill innocent lives seems to be the issue here.

Counseling would be the solution to this problem, not killing and sitrring minds and hearts.

Growth is needed by all persons.  And, especially those troubled by events of their lives or the world for that matter.

This action over the 14-minute film is way out of proportion.

After all, no U.S. government department issued the film.

People acting out need to be contained and tethered if that's what it takes to give boundaries to their anger spewing at innocent life.

Groups and medication for angry people are abundant these day.

People need to take advantage of such assistance before they fly of the handle, so to speak.

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